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100 Coffees is a virtual networking platform. It is an organization that offers training, support, and resources to you as you seek to improve your ability to network both online and in-person! 100 Coffees knows it is important that you have access to the most current information and are being offered training from experts in their field!! In the Ambassador’s directory you will find individuals who have partnered with 100 Coffees women’s networking organization to give you an edge on your competition!!

Heather Landon
Heather LandonDirect Sales Training
Heather Landon is 100 Coffees’ elite direct sales training ambassador. Through her journey building her own direct sales business through Paparazzi, Heather has learned lessons and methods to help you grow your business and be successful! Heather says, “I strive to help others on my team succeed with their business. The trainings I offer can easily be adapted to be non-business specific and will work with most direct sales business. I love seeing and helping others succeed. Which is key to helping others in 100 Coffees succeed too!” Click Heather’s picture to be taken to her webpage!
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Rebecca Meehan
Rebecca MeehanMarketing
Rebecca Meehan is 100 Coffees’ elite marketing expert and is skilled in helping small or big businesses BOOM with just-right services!
Michelle Dean
Michelle DeanFinancial Services
Michelle Dean is 100 Coffees’ elite financial services ambassador. Michelle is so passionate about helping women achieve their dreams and goals —whether it’s helping them with their financial needs through the financial services she offers or encouraging and supporting them through the WHOW organization she started. WHOW stands for Women Helping Other Women and she offers a lot of support and instruction for them!
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Devra Betts
Devra BettsIntegrative Wellness Consultant - Gut Health
Devra Betts is 100 Coffees’ gut health expert and advisor. As a Healthy Gut Advisor and Integrative Nutrition* Health Coach, Devra create a supportive environment that enables you to articulate and achieve your personal health and wellness goals. Throughout her education, she has been exposed to the most cutting-edge dietary theories and studied highly effective coaching techniques to help you find the right lifestyle that works best for you.
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Lyndsay Rouse
Lyndsay RouseFacebook Engagement
Lyndsay Rouse is 100 Coffees’ Facebook engagement expert and advisor. Do you have trouble being seen or being heard? Have you been told Facebook is a powerful marketing tool to building your business but you do not know where or how to start?! Lyndsay’s tips and tricks are where you want to start!
Diahana Barnes
Diahana BarnesSuccess Strategist and Coach
Diahana Barnes is 100 Coffees’ elite express in success strategy and business coaching.she’s had her own coaching and online
business since 2006 while juggling a demanding corporate job leading multi-million dollar sales teams and email marketing campaigns. She’s developed a Harmony CoreTM process to help teach clients how to use their Spiritual Attributes to align their spiritual intuition with their money business goals so they can call in money or invest in their business whenever they feel like it.
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Sandi Gerard
Sandi GerardExecutive Regional Director
Sandi Girard is 100 Coffees’ Executive Regional Director in charge of overseeing, maintaining, coordinating, and initiating regional events-including working very closely with all of 100 Coffees’ Regional Ambassadors.