About Michelle Eliason

Hello ladies! I am one of the three founders of 100 Coffees! A little bit about me: I am a Christ-follower, a wife, a mother, an entrepreneur, and an occupational therapist.

July 2017

100 Coffees Virtual Networking Organization

100 Coffees Virtual Networking Organization What would you say if I told you that you never had to leave your chair/office desk to network with people from around the world? What if I told you that you can access encouragement, skills training, support, feedback from successful entrepreneurs and be a part of a community of like-minded women? [...]

June 2017

Debbie Eliason – Mastering a Dynamic Duo

The Art form of mastering the dynamic duo : Full-time and Entrepreneurship Debbie Eliason is a wife, mom, and beauty/skin-health enthusiast! Debbie believes in the core-values of the company she represents, putting God first, family second, and business last. The biggest joy she has in being an entrepreneur is the opportunity she has  to [...]

Michelle Dean – Process to Purpose

3 Part Process to Purpose Michelle Dean is so passionate about helping women achieve their dreams and goals —whether it's helping them with their financial needs through the financial services she offers or encouraging and supporting them through the  WHOW organization she started. WHOW stands for Women Helping Other Women and she offers a [...]

Bonnie McConaughy – Leverage Your Strengths

3 Steps to Leveraging your Strengths Bonnie McConaughy is the owner and founder of Inspire the Best You, where she writes about weight loss, healthy living, self-love, and personal growth. She is also a content writer and contributor for 100 Coffees and we are so happy to have her on board! If you are [...]

Angela Gardner – 3 Rules of Transition

3 Power-house Rules to consider when when making a major transition: Angela Gardner is a Certified John Maxwell Coach, a Certified DISC Trainer, and a Certified Marriage Coach. With 20+ years in the leadership industry, Angela has served, helped, and reformed many leadership dynamics. Angela and her family own Gardner Family Connections 4 Life [...]

May 2017

Larissa Lee Roadblocks and Reconstruction Interview

Larissa Lee "Shine Your Light, I Need Your Light." WATCH THE EMPOWERMENT BREW PRESENTATION : CLICK HERE To extract meaning from circumstances is very powerful. That’s why reflection is so important. When we say our stories out loud we are re-structuring our  mind. We are giving our mind a change to make sense of [...]

Energetic : Traits of a Womenpreneur (6)

She is energetic and strong, a hard worker. She puts on strength like a belt and goes to work with energy. She sets about her work vigorously;     her arms are strong for her tasks. Proverbs 31:17 3 SECRETS TO REPLACE INDIFFERENCE WITH ENERGY Energetic : strong, healthy, and full of energy. Synonyms : [...]

Influential: Traits of a WOMANpreneur (5)

3 Secrets to Increasing Your Influence Influential: The capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself. Synonyms: Guide, mentorship, significant, inspiring, leadership “It’s not just about being in a position of influence. It’s about being able to influence others while you are in [...]