Qualities of an Entrepreneur

What is an Entrepreneur?

At 100 Coffees, we stand firmly that the term ‘entrepreneur’ describes a mindset. Technically, dictionary.com describes it as “a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.” That is not always necessarily true, however. Being an entrepreneur can look like so many things. The qualities of an entrepreneur our found in many people focused on many different things. I would like to be so bold as to change this definition to, “a person who organizes and manages [themselves and their goals] with considerable initiative and risk”. Yes, I would say that sums up the term entrepreneur in all of its glory. This is the bread and butter. This is an entrepreneur. Whether you are seasoned in your business, just starting in your business, thinking about starting a business, managing a family while still writing goals and achieving them, or in your 9-5 career working your way up the ladder. You, friend, are an entrepreneur.

Now that we know how an entrepreneur is defined…

What are the qualities of an entreprenuer

What are the qualities of an entrepreneur?

Let’s tackle this with an acronym:


This attribute goes without saying. It doesn’t matter if you are introverted or extraverted. If you are an entrepreneur, you must have a flame within the very deepest parts of your being that will give you the energy to persevere through some tough times. Regardless of what area of entrepreneurship you find yourself, you will face adversity, roadblocks, obstacles, people that will try to drain you of your mission/plan/will to continue. It is up to an entrepreneur to create their own positive energy. People will gravitate toward positive energy.


The adage is- “Nice guys finish last.” I’ll tell you, most of the time the reason that guy finished last is because he was aware of his surroundings and was probably helping people along the way. The nice guy may look like he is finishing last, but he usually has the gained the most from his experience. I was considering this when I completed my first triathlon 3 years ago. I don’t think there were many people that finished after me. I was one of the last people (along with my father). I’ll tell you something though, that is one of the top 5 greatest moments of my life. Crossing that finish line knowing I had worked toward that goal persistently for over a year, didn’t quit, and never once stopped to rest during the course of the triathlon……I cried. I may have finished amount the last people,  but that experience changed my entire perspective. Being nice many not always seem like the easy thing to do or reap the most instant results, but in the long run—it will add the most meaning to your life experience.


Another word for tenacity is persistence. What is one of the most crucial qualities of an entrepreneur? Persistence. Sometimes when you are in pursuit of your goal and nothing seems to be going right, you must have sheer will power to continue in pursuit of your goal.


This word doesn’t seem to come up too much anymore. If you want to be successful in life. If you want to accomplish your goals, build your network, gain personal relationships—you must be respectful of the people around you. That is not to say you need to agree with everyone. That definitely will not always happen. However, everyone is entitled to their opinion, their reaction, and their own way to live their life. Sometimes it is easy to push your excitement and energy on another person, likewise it is easy to push your beliefs on another person. It is very important as an entrepreneur to be respectful of each and every person with whom you come into contact. Most importantly, never burn bridges— it is a smaller world than you may think (more on this in another article).


An individual with an entrepreneur’s mindset will be engaged with their environment because he/she will always be looking for opportunity and connection. Whether that is an online networking work like 100 Coffees, engaging your co-workers, your community, your family/friends. An entrepreneur is always engaged to the best of his or her ability.


I couldn’t decide between poised and peaceful. Though, I believe in order to be poised one must have the capacity to be peaceful. That is, have the ability to keep the peace. An entrepreneur is able to remain self-controlled and dignified under conflict and duress. Of course, let’s be real, we all struggle with this. We are human! However, an entrepreneur possesses or is working toward possessing this attribute!


Being receptive, friendly, and approachable is crucial in being a successful entrepreneur. Have you ever heard of the term, “Active listener”. We talk about this a lot in 100 Coffees. Truly listening to the other person in the conversation, not waiting for a chance to hear yourself speak. Being receptive is putting yourself last and the other person first. Perhaps it is a suggestion, an unwelcome response, or a piece of constructive criticism – as an entrepreneur you are receptive to what the other person is saying regardless of your status of agreement. You give the other person the floor and you show them that they are being heard. It is not your responsible to control their response, it is your responsibility to control yours. Be receptive.


I love this word. What does it mean? Efficacious is defined as the ability to produce a desired effect. This is not to say that you will accomplish every goal or crush every single plan you set for yourself. Truly, if there is anything I have learned in my years of entrepreneurship it is that, you will not always succeed at everything you set out to do. You will, however, adapt. You will re-assess, replan, and re-set your goals based on the obstacle in front of you. You will manipulate your goals and circumstances so that the very thing that is set before you, blocking your way to success, is used for your ultimate victory. You will learn that you have the power to produce a desired effect on the obstacles and people around you.

“You are more powerful than you know and they fear the day you discover it.” – Unknown


100 Coffees believes the best way to approach entrepreneurship is to be authentic. You have been put on this world for a purpose. You have the desires and passions you have, for a reason! You have been through circumstances and situations that can help others that only you can impact! You were designed for your purpose…nobody else. It is easy to fall into the rut of trying to impress or trying to sell yourself—a successful entrepreneur embraces who they are and the strengths they have.

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”― Dr. Seuss,


Be flexible! You must learn to adapt! When you hold on to your plan too tightly, it is easy for an entrepreneur to fail. If you remain sound in your direction with the ability to compromise, you will be pleasantly surprised with the outcomes.


An entrepreneur is understanding. Again, they may not always agree with the other person’s opinion, but they do express understanding of the other person’s beliefs and work to provide as much compromise or closure as the other person needs. An entrepreneur is a leader, and as stated in many of the attributes listed—-it is up to a strong leader/entrepreneur to strive to keep peace and order in their environments (whether it is in their home, in their work place, on their team, or among their customers/clients).


An entrepreneur is responsive to their environment and the people in their lives. Whether it is adapting to a new schedule, a new turn of events, an unexpected life change, or a business fiasco—an entrepreneur quickly responds and adapts (“easy-going”, right?) An entrepreneur is also responsive to the people or leads in his/her life. Has someone expressed a need? Has someone messaged you?  An entrepreneur will show others they are responsive to their needs.

 Can you think of any other qualities of an entrepreneur not listed here? Let us know!!

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